To achieve excellence in ship management. Provide our work with the ship with highest technical standard and efficiency . without causing harm to people and the environment, maintain our business activities without any accident happened. To achieve customer satisfaction; timely, reliable, safe and continuous quality by providing services; being a leader in ship management.

Our Missions

The mission of GRANMAR SHIPPING INDUSTRY & TRADING S.A.and its Senior Management is to ensure that Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental considerations remain top priority for the Company’s management and employees. Prevention of accidental risks and losses due to process failure are recognized as an integral part of our continuous improvement culture..
Company will strive for a long-term ZERO TOLERANCE culture aiming to have:
  • No accidents,
  • No marine and atmospheric pollution
  • No loss of process capability
  • No lapses in security
  • No oil spills
  • No health-related incidents
Our company adopts the following principles as policy with regard to the Quality Management System
  • To comply with national legislation
  • To maintain the ships of our company at highest international standards meeting and exceeding the client expectations
  • To comply with national and international rules and conditions for our services
  • To maintain the continuity of the services with environmental and social responsibility awareness
  • To comply with Quality Management System conditions and to always increase its efficiency
  • To support the performance-increasing activities in our duty fields without making any quality concession
To protect the values we have created with the corporate culture we have formed and to provide the continuity of these values.